Approaching fast! book this week if you expect to attend!
email: [email protected] for booking

- UK Lan !
- August 28th-31st
- Brownhills Activity Centre, Walsall, North Birmingham

- Sign in time Friday 13:00 - 14:00 sign out time Monday.

All on site hardware has been booked so this is now a stricktly BYOC (Bring your own computer) event for 18+.
A Quakelive focused event with a few other games being played on the side (UT99, UT2004, Shootmania, Maybe Reflex)
This will be a great chance to get some quake players together of all skill levels, as most other lans seem to be dominated by other games.

We have enough room for a good 40 players. You will need to bring something to sleep on like an airbed or camp bed etc.
There will be Duel and CTF tournaments. Prize pool now stands at £400!


Prize pool break down.
1ST £150
2ND £100
3RD £70
4TH £50
5TH £30

will scale upwards with entries

Maps= sinister, cure, t7, silence, battleforged, elder and campgrounds


Lan schedule
Friday: warm up and practice
Saturday:CTF compo
Sunday:Duel compo

Cost of the Lan: £45
Includes: Indoor sleeping and Kitchen.


Confirmed attendees so far:

1.Zoot (Paid)
2.Garpy (paid)
3.FNX (paid)
4.nerVzzz (Paid)
5.Lord_Jellington (Paid)
6.fentanyl (paid)
7.cropcircles (Paid)
8.Kronic (Paid)
9.luttis (paid)
10.Lordsoth (Paid)
11.stinklikesock (paid)
12.Grubbulle (paid)
13.oleedee (paid)
14.Fire_bot (paid)
15.loz (paid)