Well, since my Logitech G100S DIEDEDED. I thought I'd support BST and get myself a Ninox Aurora.

We all know that esreality has mixed emotions in terms of which hardware is best and suited to your own play style, mixed in with a few trolls and some really intelligent hardware aficionados.

Well, I purchased it off of Amazon, and it' arrived promptly, at first glance if you're the type of person who cries tears of pain and hurt when the packaging is not up to par and have the same design aesthetic as the leading brands such as Razer and/or Steelseries then I would wholeheartedly not purchase this mouse.

Now whipping this bad boy out and plugging it in to my PC, I came across a few posts on this forum saying that the software can and will more than likely destroy your mouse, I have installed it, changed the DPI and HZ and it's been working amazingly well for the last few weeks.

Now getting down to the actual mouse, it's light and the build style (shape) is near on perfect for the way I use it, a mixture of claw grip and/normal. The buttons press down really well and the thumb button is really easy to use if you're that type of person, the scroll wheel is smooth as a babies bottom and I can't really fault it. With this build I'm sure in the future if BST gets enough funds he can take this device to the next level and increase the quality. I paid roughly about 20+- and for that price it's been a great purchase.

Cable could do with a change so 5/10
Build Quality could be increased so 6/10
Software looks good, no issues so 8/10
Sensor and tracking 9/10 (The mouse has not once malfunctioned on me, using it on a Razer Sphex skin thingy.)
Price and replacement value 10/10

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76% on my purchase rating yo.