What happened? the influx of a whole new generation shaping comments, content etc. to something that i just dont find funny anymore? or dont care about, or simply grew out of.. or is it really just that much more shitty, and its NOT me growing older and tired of it?

What is going on.. I'm not really visiting this site anymore either, it all just seem like a contest of who can post the most stupid comment anyway.

And ppl are still discussing mouse, gfx, config, whatever, like it's some new thing, highres textures etc etc. It never changes, its the same shit with a new generation.. its the same, a repeat, well not, it seems dumber than before. :/

TV went to shit with all the reality bs, sex grinding, stupid idiots etc, stopped watching back in 2008.

The world is shit, "oh well, what you cant change, you just have to accept" no fucking way, thats the REAL problem, we accept this shitty bs.. Fifty shades of bs prob highest grossing with all that FREE ADVERTISING. you see it, but does it anyway.

COCK SUCKING ON THE BUS, COME ON SHITTY GENERATION... fuuuck this. I'm done. Ye, that miley dickface whore wont ruin the generation, its the parents not the tv etc.. oooh how fucking wrong you were.. 6y old girls watching that and the mother saying stfu to me, "the girls want to listen to the music" ... OH YEAH, THAN ANACONDA ONE WITH WHORE DICKFACE CUNT SHIT.. GREAT MUSIC BTW!!! RECOMMEND!.. while they masturbate on their 6million euro iPads each...

world has gone to shitter, now internet too.