I've been using wmo for years but since moving to new hardware I can't get it to work on 500hz (win7 x64). I've tried following the steps from ngohq, esreality, various YouTube videos, forums etc. and nothing works. I either end up with same 125hz or I end up with dead mouse that I get working again through device manager.
After digging a bit of info on my problem I found that it could be mobo related (asrock z97 extreme4), and that the way to solve it could be disabling USB 3.0, although mouse was and will be plugged in 2.0 port. I can't disable it since I need 3.0 ports.

Anyway, I'm thinking of buying a new mouse.

I would like to have:
- similar shape to wmo
- softwareless 500hz and 400 or 800 dpi (I don't like that junk that comes with a lot of mice, or at least I would like to keep that at minimum)

Any recommendations?