why so little love for the g100s???
ive been using logitech since the white pilot
then switched to the mx300
then a lot of awful mouses including kinzu and abyssus
OMG the abyssus shape simple DESTROYS my hand, i get my fingers almost cut using claw grip, i dont understand mouses using a shape that gets wider in the front, in the case of the abyssus is extreme, the 1.1a is also bad but not so much
for me i think the perfect shape is the old pilot shape->mx300->g100s
no need to reinvent the wheel
but, now the g100s is out
its like the mx300 but with proper 500hz
its perfect
shape, skatez, weight, buttons
still, lots of people talking about this crappy mouses, full of bugs
i dont get it, and besides that the g100s is the cheapest of all
i only understand the 1.1a users, cause it also looks like a great mouse, but i think g100s its a little more comfortable