Personally I am not in favour of QL's netcode instaunlagged conceptual crap. Remember the days when lag was a personal responsibility? You know, back when a person could lag out all they wanted but didn't expect others to accommodate for their spiky ping?

Now about matchmaking. Matchmaking is a kind of euphemism in quake if you think about it. Competition is unfair. Winner wins, loser walks away in shame. Life by itself is offensive. So when I think about matchmaking I think math. We don't exactly have a big community like we did in the old days... so why don't we just stop crying about matchmaking?

Yeah, its tough. Our beloved games are turning into shit and the corporate whores in the capitalist gangbang can't help themselves from scraping that crap they deemed as "good thinking" from the bottom of the barrel.

So here we are people. What now?


(Edited because I said instagib when what I really meant was instaunlagged)