Scheduled: 18:00 GMT, 27 November 2014 to 20:00 GMT, 27 November 2014
Schedule: Passed

125 FPS Nov-Dec 2014 Group Stage 1 will start tomorrow 18 November
- 3-4 weeks: 18, 20, 25 and 27 November - First Group Stage (GS1), all matches start at 19:00 cet (21:00 msk), BO1, 3 pass to Group Stage 2

18 Nov, Group A1: Poland sting_pl Spain p0ni Netherlands baksteen Poland karwik Sweden zanzan Russia kenny
20 Nov, Group B1:: Germany k1llsen Germany twister Ukraine xron Norway etty Russia kidz Finland talex
25 Nov, Group C1:: Russia cooller United Kingdom garpy Belarus madball Russia base Denmark gekko Portugal ins
27 Nov, Group D1:: France strenx Norway plazma Russia nitrino Lithuania guard Canada sparks Poland prox_pl

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Links: 125 FPS website, mIRC #125fps