Got mine today.

- Shape is very good
- Build quality is better than on the old abyssus
- Mouse is sexy
- My abyssus 2014 had firmware up to date out of the box
- 1800dpi 500hz, perfect
- No synapse/drivers

Would I recommend it ? Yes, BUT, if you want 1000hz usb polling rate, forget this mouse, because it doesn't work as good at 1000hz than at 500hz (I tried it myself, mouse got some weird behavior at 1000hz (1000hz isn't stable also), but 500 is perfect), and if you don't mind playing with medium dpi setting (1800). I'm using 1800dpi on all my razer mice so in my case it's perfect :).

I'm a fan of razer. I'm a bit ashamed but well, doesn't matter :D <3 razer.