Since the steam release, the Argentinan servers dont appear 90% of the time in the QL match browser. Also the chat doesnt always work, showing 0 contacts. You can still do a /connect ip:port so the actual servers are online and working ok, unless the chat isnt working then it stays on awaiting challenge/auth, its like the auth server is so bugged or overloaded that sometimes it just wont work. Ofc most players stopped playing cause they dont see any server on the server list so they think its down, also not everybody is fan enough to try more than 50 ports to find a suitable game in the mod/map you want, cause customs servers arent working. Its like going back to the stone age... Most of those servers are bugged also with the Sarge model autochange, god i hate that bug, and the random kicking bug at the start of matches. This is a clusterfuck of epic proportions. Its incredible how much we love this game to keep playing with all these problems.

I chatted with sponge about this on irc some days ago, he told me its a problem of the connections "down there", funny it worked perfectly till the steam update, and all the other games that are hosted on that datacenter and goes through the same cable dont have any issues. I think hes either lying or clueless because as i said everything else is working ok on the dataserver. I know a lot of pro subscribers that only play on those servers and are mad as hell, this is so crazy they release something to grow but instead they generate serious disappointment. Im so disappointed that for the first time im starting to play quakeworld, because lets be honest qw is uber hardcore and has that nostalgia feeling, also the high res textures are nice. And the best part i dont depend on mediocre staff.