Hey all,

I am hoping that some of you can help me and a very well respected/liked former Qcon champ in OSP find his equivalent mouse values from over ~10 years ago.

I'll mention no names as I think a lot of people would like to see him in action again, especially the older hardcore quake 3 players from back in the good ol' days.It is very much 50/50 and CERTAINLY not a comeback to competitive Quake in anyway.

He asked me to find a frag movie lost due to HD failure as his English is not totally fluent and he is a very long time gone from the game as am I.

Overwhelming nostalgia came over him upon watching the movie which was very easy to locate. He said he was in tears of joy upon watching it, it certainly made me want to play again even being an old man now ;) with too much RL responsibilities.

I will try coax him to get him back playing just even a small tiny bit, if he did I suspect esr would light up like a fireworks factory on fire

He needs values for sens 2 accel 2 across different different DPI's. My knowledge is far too old as I stopped q3 after osp and just played QL in '09 or '10 so hopefully someone here can be of help as mouse advancements and even q3 commands are confusing.

Thanks for taking the time to read and a HUGE thanks in advance to anyone with this complex info.