I have tried spraying at the wall in practice matches in cs go. Oddly I find getting prefect spray patterns is easier with 500hz but 1000hz is smoother. I have a zowie fk1 so the hz is perfectly stable so that is not an issue. I get perfect spray patterns with 500hz almost every time but with 1000hz even though I feel I am making the right movements the pattern doesn't turn out correctly. Basically I want to know if this is in my head or if 500hz polling is actually more consistent and whether or not others have experienced this? Also I am use to 1000hz polling not 500hz so it is not that I am more use to 500hz because I am more use to 1000hz.

I no longer have issues with 1000hz vs 500hz. It was some weird issue with a USB port. It was stable on mouse tests but something was happening that was messing with the mouse movement. Somehow it handled the issue better with 500hz.

Final result: It turned out to be a setting in my bios that is commonly used for overclocking that was a default setting on my motherboard. It is called CPU load line calibration. It was causing my USB ports to not work correctly.