I've been diggin' around. I built a new comp (not ordered yet) and I'm wondering if monitors are REALLY starting to compete with CRT's. Mine is starting to go out (although I think something is just loose or a bad connection somewhere). I figure if I'm spending the money on a comp, I'll just throw in a monitor with it...

Blurbusters Lightboost:
Supported Monitors: ASUS: VG248QE, ASUS VG278H, ASUS VG278HE,
BENQ XL2411T, BENQ XL2420T (Euro), BENQ XL2420TE (US/CAN), BENQ XL2720T

The only people I know with 120hz monitors have the BENQ XL2420TE, they're pretty happy with it, but they aren't as nitpicky as some of us CRT users. I was going to go with it, but it appears to be somewhat out of date (and out of stock) compared to the BENQ XL2420Z v2 Firmware?

I just want to know if any of these really perform better than CRT, or if they beat CRT in certain regards, but not others. Is the BENQ XL2420Z really worth $100 more than the TE or the ASUS VG248QE? Price isn't too much of an issue, but I'm conscientious about it.