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Was unsure if I should post anything like this but its been awhile and a lot of people keep asking or bugging me about this new Zowie product. There's a bit of hype involved with this mouse, but my interest revolves more toward the very niche left hand mode and increase of physical size.


I'm getting this over with first as it is the the least of my concerns.

I've only used the default lift (cloth) setting, but compatibility is quite good with a plethora of popular gaming surfaces. Most of my experience revolves around the 800 DPI setting, but it is very snappy and feels "native" unlike prior mice that recalculate values (dated or limited DSP scaler) from higher circumvented resolution settings.

If you would like more in depth analysis of technical things, refer to Ino's review on overclock.net. http://www.overclock.net/t/1500615/zowie-fk1-...iew-by-ino


This is very personal to me, but I honestly expected it to be bigger given the dimensions in comparison to other mice.. I mean I've used technically smaller mice that feel more full in my hand.

I'm generally iffy about this as it is a shape that doesn't exactly cramp me, but also isn't the most comfortable thing for how I grip my mouse. so.. It works, but I feel claw centric egro isn't the strongest suit of the larger FK. It caters more to multiple grips while still remaining smaller than popular choices such as Deathadder or even Mx500 shape(s). I'm sure there are a lot of opinions that contradict mine, but that's simply how I feel.

Xai (Sensei) vs FK1?

For me, it's the Xai and its many many.. many (sensei) variations. Just a better V shape for how I hold my mouse.

Surface Material

Normally I would prefer glossy, but this surface material is very grippy for dry hands. No issues here.


I see a lot of debate between "omrons or huanos".

Omron is a Japanese company that makes products for all sorts of industries. Switch or manufacturer popularity arised when early 2000's Microsoft and Logitech mice both opted for the D2F 0.74n model. Subjective click feedback in mousing device(s);Complete R&D preference at the time. There have been a lot of choices ranging into switches or brands a lot of enthusiast haven't heard of, but D2F was sort of the "go to" premium model up until 2003 where custom variants were introduced and later publicized as D2FC. It's not like Logitech, Razer or any other gaming mouse have always used Omron models for main L+R buttons, but they've manged to integrate as a staple in this market, hence why there may be bias.

Huano is a special case. I believe they're the only brand that has managed to become a consumer debated name because of Zowie associating the product as a competitive gaming mouse. I'm not exactly trying to sway and say the switches are bad or anything, but it's funny to think that a niche audience can bring so much awareness. The switch market is huge, yet western forums are only really debating these two brands.

Anyway.. the standard D2FC-7N should have a similar rating to the FK1 switch. 0.74 newton give or take. Key differences are travel distance and actuation points which variate quite a bit outside of natural tolerance of model. I suppose you can even add key plate thickness to the mix as a factor ^^

Personally, I'm not sure what to think when it comes to preferences. I mean I played more MOBA over FPS in the entire week I've used the FK1 and can't say the buttons are murdering my fingers. I used to have a AM-FG and that mouse felt subjective worse in terms of how buttons actuated and felt.. so I would say the FK1 is an improvement.

Encoder (Scroll) wheel

I do have bias and preference for mechanical units; specifically modified ALPS EC10E. If I were to compare this with other optical encoders, I prefer the high end Logitech and newer G602 design over FK1.

Agree or Disagree, but my personal (optical) list looks something like this :

Logitech G500
Logitech G502
Logitech G602
Logitech G100/S
Logitech Mx310
Zowie FK1
Logitech G1
Logitech Mx518/G400/S
Zowie AM-FG (16 step)


This is where I'm going to disagree with zowies stance. I understand the intellimouse mentality, but you're really limiting the brand as a whole by soft capping the product below capabilities. I had already assumed that once 3090 was nearing EOL, Zowie would look towards the FOTM and hyped 3310; essentially a LED 9800. Sort of ironic, but works if community doesn't really have negative bias toward it. While I'm positive there were a couple other options available that might have worked well (or better), Pixart 3310 already had alternative market share with other brands. Way easier to capitalize off consumer hype.

CPI steps are traditional in regards to the older sensor architecture, though there might be bias as these values also require less DSP processing from a technical standpoint of this design.

Hardware Value

I'll be honest; this mouse isn't very cost effective or better than competitor solutions for whats offered given 60 USD/EURO MSRP. I mean to be frank... this mouse is straight out of 2007 sporting the same Cypress EnCore 3 unit you found on the original DA. I feel the only reason Zowie hasn't moved into cost effective 32 bit ARM cortex units is due to factory experience with said model. It's not like a newer MCU matters if programming is good (which it seems), but it just has that dated vibe.. Ya know? Rest of the hardware is pretty eehhh.. viable cost solutions and what not.

Ignoring my technical value aspect, the mouse does deliver on tracking provided you're ok with the 400-800-1600-3200 values. Polling is stable enough for me too!

Bottom line

Would I recommend this mouse? Well, if you're looking for an ambidextrous gaming mouse with essential features and what not... Then yes. Provided you think shape/size and aesthetics work for you.

I do think there is an uprising market for alternative and upcoming brands or models and what I'm trying to say is.. This isn't the end all best 1337 hax pwn3r gaming mouse, but a good option for those seeking such mouse.


Issues/things that can be fixed

-Holy cow, the default feet is are super thin. I've only used this a week and I swear I'm scraping plastic. Why include a second pair of feet when the default feet are ridiculously thin? -.- Counter productive and really adds no value.

-LED from CPI indicator has a severe leak issue. Not sure if intentional.


I only had the mouse a week, but top plate of my main click is.. warping? Both sides were initially flush, but the right side or my main click is quite lifted now. I'm sort of disappointed.

Ok, enough with my delusional mouse ramblings. Take care and check out my ghetto picture gallery.