Hey guys, first post.

I am looking for a new mousepad. I've been using a puretrak talent since around 2 years and am really happy with it: Very durable, consistent glide, bigger compared to other large pads and flattens out on the desk really well. I recently switched from an abyssus to a mx300 and have some problems with it. Its sensor picks up a weird spot, right in the middle where the most trafficking happens. It's really tiny but when hit, the sensor goes crazy and will jump backwards. It's funny because I inspected that area and it looks normal, just like its surrounding. Another problem I have with my puretrak is that it has slight lumps, which can be felt on fast horizontal swipes. Mildly annoying.
If you read this, Puretrak, please make a xxxl version of the stealth. ty.

I thought I'd just buy a new pad and because most large pads are smaller than the Talent, which really is too small for my low sens, I would go for a xxl deskpad style of a pad. It's really hard to find good reviews though, comparing certain pads to others. That's why I thought I would ask for some input here.

What I definitely don't want is a pad similar in durability as the qck and zowie g-tf. I owned those 2 pads and both got dull spots in the most trafficked areas rather fast, resulting in a very inconsistent and slow glide. Another big no-go is wrinkles and general problems to flatten on the desk.

I think the best and proven to be good and durable pad available in the xxxl format would be the goliathus control extended version. Problem is it's only 30cm in height and that is too small really. I found the corepad cerro which seems to have a similar mesh texture to the goliathus control but at the same time some people say it's like a better zowie g-tf. I found that to be weird because it's texture definitely doesn't look like it. Also when I hear g-tf, I only think durability, which was really bad for me. They also advertise it as water proof, just like g-tf :/ Somehow that marketing gag implies for me that they impregnate the surface with some chemical spray which also improves glide. When wearing off that coating the glide becomes slower. Only a theory though.

So, can somebody who owns a cerro give me some input about how the pad feels and how durable it really is compared to the pads I owned and mentioned?

Other suggestions would be welcomed as well. I've looked into most huge pads and don't know what to think of them.