my brother works with eye trackers, and was visiting the other day, so we did a little experiment and made a video that shows where my eyes are actually looking as I play the game.


* the red dot is a post production effect, you don't see it when playing *

I did not have too much time to review this, but one thing to say is that the match itself is probably not so good, as I played a bit brainlessly, without timing or thinking much.

I am trying to get one tracker for myself, which I could bring to the prague lan, and maybe ask some better player to wear it during some of the matches. The setup is relatively comfortable and light, and should not be too hindering, but ofc, maybe some people don't really want to do this as it may affect their performance.

Anyways, I thought it was a cool thing to try so I shared it. If you have ideas related to this, go ahead.