Update 19.09.2011:
Thanks for voting! But the vote comes to the hot phase right now. only some days left until it ends and a good friend needs your votes too. So it would be great if u give another 5/5 stars to me, my brother and the girld with the red stuff in hair. currently we are on place 1,3 and 5. Thanks a lot :)


Hey guys, I am sure you know me from streaming a lot of quake games on BW TV. I hope that you enjoy the stream and that you have fun. But today I need your help. In my city is contest where I can be on the cover of our beer here. The only thing I need is a lot of 5/5 votes on my picture.

Please check out this URL


and give me and my brother 5 of 5 stars. I am the nerd guy with the red shirt and my brother is the green guy with baseballcap. Thx a lot! The contest is up until the end of the months.