Preface: I suck at QL, and I haven't played in a while but I've been watching the 1v1's for a while now and I feel compelled to post about Cooller's config.

Meat: Cooller is one of the best ever and he's amazing to watch, and he was probably the best in the world when he was a very active player. But his mouse accell... when he gets in a close range fight he can't hit shit with the RL. Maybe when he was very active he could control that accell better but now I think it's really holding him back. And you can see he has no confidence in his fighting skill because he gets all defensive a little too early in the matches and this allows comebacks to be made on him. I think if he tweaked his mouse settings a little he might be able to win a lot more games even though he doesn't play too much any more. Cause he still can out play anyone when he's on his game. Thoughts? flames?

Bonus: Also Cypher need to counter Evil's counters. It's impressive how Evil has been playing. The games are great to watch lately. Thanks to faceit and 125fps for the broadcasts.