Scheduled: 19:00 GMT, 8 February 2014
Schedule: Passed

We glad to present you, guys, 125 FPS ShowMatch Series next match
Germany k1llsen vs Australia Fraze
When: 8 February 2014 at 20:00 BST
Format: Cointoss winner is first picker, loser pick next map, play all 7 maps!
Map Pool: House of Decay, Blood Run, Sinister, Furious Heights, Toxicity, Lost World, Cure
PrizePool: 10$ for every map! ($70). upd1: 140USD. upd2: 280USD!!

Update #1: We have new donator! United Kingdom 'gbmaster' has also donated 10$ for every map ! so, prizepool for this showmatch is 140 USD, 20usd for every map, awesome
Update #2: We have new donator! 140 USD from quake_is_potat, "D00BLE THE R00BLES" thx a lot, man! So, total prizepool now is 280USD! 40USD for every map, great!
Update #3: btw, we have new donator! nono, we have new money from old donator - from gbmaster again, another 70usd to this match )) 70USD United Kingdom gbmaster "you say potatoe I say potato". Total prizepool now is 350USD

Stream: United Kingdom Zoot, Russia team102, Russia 102ash
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