There is this person named 'Marco Rubio', who is a Republican from Florida (you've been warned), who does not understand why people would be in favor of marijuana but against tobacco. For people like him, I will explain:

Tobacco causes cancer. Marijuana does not.

I'm not sure why that's so hard for people to understand... maybe they're superficial, and they think that smoking is smoking? Like smoking crack is no different from smoking cigarettes? Smoking is not the issue, besides which, you don't have to smoke marijuana. You can eat it in brownies or cookies or all kinds of stuff (Iron Chef... next secret ingredient should be weed). There is also a method now, where they extract the chemical itself and put it inside of a pill. Personally, I prefer the pill method. It's the most precise way to do it, it doesn't fuck up your lungs, and the smell of weed smoke doesn't bother anyone.

Regardless, you would have to be pretty fucking nuts to compare something that kills people to something that doesn't. Whatever health-problems might be associated with weed, at least the people are not dead. Then again, Republicans probably prefer it if people are dead.

For the record, I am not against cigarettes... and I oppose the crazy liberals who try to force their cigarette views on everyone.