KGB, formerly of Who Run It (currently DFM) has once again been involved in a cheating scandal in regards to his performance during multiple online leagues, mainly the NGL Season 2 CTF Finals of DFM (DaFoneMen) vs EG (Evil Geniuses). Hundreds of viewers watched and later commented that they saw KGB wall hacking during his 2 minute quad run which then turned into a flag run. The clip in question can be found below, as well as an additional clip featuring moments in six of his last official matches where he appears to be looking through walls at other players.

NGL Season 2 Finals, DFM|KGB wallhack vs EG:

Higher quality version of the above video:

Follow up KGB wallhack video of his previous six matches:

Admins are said to be reviewing the play, but have not had evidence like this to look at prior to it being posted here. After going through only a handful of KGB's recent match demos, it was blatant to myself as well as the top CTF players I consulted with that he was using a wallhack. I made this video in an effort to expose a two time convicted cheater.