A little bit of a story to get things clear. A couple of months ago my friends introduced me to a new game, different from Quake and FPS in general - that was league of legends. As I used to watch lots of dota 2 when it was just released, I generally knew the basic objective of the LoL, but as you all know, it is hard to turn the game to your agvantage when you just started playing it. As my Quake experience told me, the only way to learn the game is to play it, but after two months of pure dedication I bashed into a wall - as I was reading guides, learning builds and strategies, watching pro and amateur streams and doing as much analizing as possible, I did become good, but only on my level of matchmaking. As soon as I play with my friends who are really hardcore "veterans" I don't even come close to their playing skill by a far margin. I realised one simple thing - my work was useless as I just don't know simple game learning basics as I don't have any experience of a cometitive player at all - I am pure noob in Quake just as I am in LoL.

So I want to ask, what are the basic things a person should do to become a solid competitive player in a game, no matter the genre? I do understand that it sounds stupid, but there are people here who know how to get good.

Thank you in advance. :)

P.S. I do know that this isn't a right place to talk about his, so don't be worried - I asked the LoL guys as well :)