I've been redoing my cfg since starting quake again a few months ago and having to redo my HUD with the last big quakelive update, and one of the last things I need to settle is what fov to use. I used to always play with 90 fov, but I keep constantly messing up movements or getting stuck on door ways, and also, my rockets really really suck. so here is a run down of settings I have been trying:

90 fov - rail and lg feel optimal
108 fov - rockets feel great, rail and lg suffer
103 fov - rail feels ok, lg mostly the same, rockets still feel pretty good

90 fov for rail/lg, 108 for for rockets, etc. DIFFERENT SENS
- like with zooming, logically you should scale your sens with your fov, but I feel that the different sens' put me off, making the gains not worth it.

90 fov for rail/lg, 108 for rockets etc. SAME SENS
- this feels better than using different sens, and I can play with it quite comfortably, but i worry that the fov in fov out is messing with me maybe

103 fov for all
- this is what I am leaning towards, but I'm getting old and feel like I need 90 fov for rail, but maybe I should just stick to it?

Anyway recommendations?