With QuakeCon 2013 coming closer and closer, FACEIT will warm you up with some Clan Arena 3 versus 3 action! Tonight the final team for our Finale on Saturday 27 July will be determined.

In yesterday's Road to QuakeCon Clan Arena cup you could see dem0n, gohann and zsx taking the win under the noses of f1sted with a strong performance, making them the third team to qualify.

The final team will be decided tonight. Ash and winz have selected their teams. The Russian is joined by none other than Cypher, and a yet to be determined player. Winz has selected his French compatriots Guismo and fishbone.

The final two teams are faces with jwzr, ph and visser, and nat with baran3k, b0rky and pixion.

Commentary will be provided live this Friday at 13:00 CDT on United Kingdom FACEIT TV, brought to you by United Kingdom Daniel "ddk" Kapadia and Portugal Bruno "ins" Pereira.

Stream: United Kingdom FACEIT TV
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