FACEIT will be hosting two Capture The Flag cups in July, starting off on 6 July, followed by one on 13 July.

Both the cups are on a Saturday and will start at 09:00 CDT. The format will be Single Elimination, with all matches until the semi final being played in Best-of-1. The semi and grand final being Best-of-3.

On 6 July we will be hosting a Draft Cup, in which lower tier teams can participate and play for $400. All players in this cup must be below FACEIT Level 6. 13 July will be host to the FACEIT CTF Pro Cup. Teams with players of skill level 6 and higher will be able to show off their skill against one another, and fight for $700!

All the action will be displayed live on United Kingdom FACEIT TV, with United Kingdom Daniel "ddk" Kapadia being joined by guests. Tune in on 6 and 13 July for CTF action, from 09:30 CDT onwards!

A special thanks goes out to crozar, who has donated the prizes to us!

Find further information on our Press & Media page.

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