Admins are the unsung heroes at most of the major tournaments. They’re the people responsible for keeping a tournament free of drama and contribute the most towards the successful execution of anything ranging from an online league to a major LAN. I was lucky enough to have an online sit-down with one such guy who’s been really active in the Quake scene – Dmitriy “nicerdicer” Khoriev.

An excerpt:

I think FPS should be present at any good LAN tournament, no matter what, be it major or just a local one. The question though is which FPS game would be in the games list. Community wants a game like Quake, but sponsors want a game that will deliver some money in the end. So it's really hard to strike a balance between these two options. Reborn could be the next best thing for FPS if it manages to break in. But for now, we have Shootmania which is more about money and is less enjoyable compared to Quake, which is slowly dying every day.

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