Everyone knows TDM is hard to stream.

Big part of that is that most of the information about the game is kept from us. But it doesn't have to be this way.

I remember the premium scoreboards starting as a simple mockup, so here goes my attempt at a better spechud, version 1!


So here are some ideas from Lam and me to improve the tdm streaming experience.

cg_followstacked <value>

The defined value is health+armor combined which triggers pov change to the stack carrier. So if you have cg_followstacked 220, a guy who has 125 health and a RA, he has a stack of 225 and the pov changes to him. cg_followpowerup overrides this so you dont miss any quad pickups though. The functionality could be tinkered around a bit, for example you dont immeadiately change to a bigger stackcarrier but wait until the current player dies. So if a guy who has 125/100 gets killed, cg_followstacked value gets checked and if there's no one in the game with the defined stack, it just changes pov to the killer if cg_followkiller is enabled. If someone has the defined stack, then it switches to him.

Improved obituaries (deathmessages)

- 3 obituaries instead of 1 (sometimes even more are needed).

- Obituaries include Quad/BS, so it's immediately obvious when PUs are eliminated, or if the other PU is having better run than the one we're spectating.

- Obituaries include a colored background, so you don't need to read them to know which team is currently in control / getting kills.

Improved item respawn timer

- Item respawn timer shows which team picked an item last two times.
This way we can see control (blue team controls MH currently) and steals (red team had RA, but last RA was stolen by blue team).
We can also immediately see if powerups are split same way each time, or when a team had double powerup.

Spectator teamoverlay

nvc made a post about this a long time ago, basicly it's just a simplified team overlay for the spectator, shortened name (3 first letters maybe), icon of weapon in hand and health/armor values. This might cause cluttering on the screen for streams but I think it would be quite helpful to see the overall status of each team and make the game easier to understand.

Additional feature requests:

- Powerup kill counter staying on the screen for 2 seconds after the PU expires (so often you try to check the counter only after the run is over) and only then fading away.

- A version of /setviewpos for spectators on online servers, so we can bind quad room cameras for different maps.

DISCLAIMER: all the screenshots are just mockups and graphical representations of the info we want displayed, to have an image to the idea so people can see what we mean, not to be taken literally as the end-product

I'm an ideas man, I think I proved that with fuck mountain