Good day, all!

So, the CTF scene is quite inactive and has been inactive for a long time now. Something needs to be done. The same players add over and over again in playquake. I know there are a lot of you oldschoolers hanging around here and on public CTF and CA. Well, the CTF community needs you more than ever.
Q50 is working harder than anyone with some updates in the channel so that the pickups can run faster, like in tdmpickup

I also want to encourage some of you TDM-players to try CTF.

I've been playing CTF since 2000 and I fail to understand if anyone of you say you're tired of quake!
Quake runs in your blood. Stop the excuses, join #playquake and start !add so the CTF community can RISE again, just
like Batman did. I know many of you are afraid of the notorious Makie - but hey, he is the nicest guy ever entered playquake-channel. :-))))))

In case you guys need some motivation, here are some of my captures on p9 from yesterday against an angry PYTON and his pickup team. He really thought he could catch up with the maestro!
Drama is important in CTF.

(dem0n, spec and learn!) ;-)