I've just finished my exam diet and finally have some time to do something I was thinking of for quite a long time. Last two years of my life in terms of music were completely filled by Pink Floyd (to be precise with few short breaks devoted to Velvet Underground and then Simon & Garfunkel). I've listened to the vast majority of their recordings, seen lots of concerts on Youtube, read a lot about them. To top it up, my two close friends are in the middle of Pink Floyd's obsession as well, but surprisingly we all manifest it in a slightly different manner, preferring different periods and different albums.

Neither do I feel knowledgeable enough to produce any sort of objective review, nor do I want to publish it on Facebook or anywhere else under my real name, as I loathe wannabe-experts trying to impress others with their laughable opinions expressed in such a way. But ESR seems to me like an enclave, where I wouldn't mind express my opinions and I really like the way this site is functioning. Hence I'll just try to share few interesting facts I've found during my musical journey and also I'll make a subjective ranking of Pink Floyd albums and songs. It's a definite ranking as it keeps changing all the time, but at least thats how I feel about their work right now. And after all I'm pretty sure there's more than one fan of Pink Floyd in the family of Quakers, feel free to join me :)

1. The Piper at The Gates of Dawn

It took me a while to get into this album, as nowadays everyone new to Pink Floyd starts with their most popular records and then goes deeper and deeper. Well that's quite deep. It differs so much from their later works, mostly due to Syd Barrett being actively involved in it. It's such a shame his brain 'has been grilled' due to the extensive abuse of drugs, he's such a pure genius and I highly recommend his solo albums, such a brilliant song-writing.

It's worth to listen to the whole album, but few songs really require a shout-out:
a) Bike

b) The Gnome:

c) Scarecrow:

And the music video for Scarecrow is such a magnificent thing! I came across it only two days ago and it's such a shock to me to realise that these guys once were my age (21-23 in this video). And Roger Waters falling on the grass is $$$)

In 1967, they were invited to BBC to perform live and talk about their music. Listen how rude the interviewer is towards them and
how he bashes them for the 'terrible loudness'. It kind of reminds of all the flaming towards the contemporary music (well, I hate it as well... :) )

2. A Saucerful of Secrets

a) Be careful with Axe, Eugune is supposedly one of the very best musical records ever produced!!!

b) Set the Controls for Heart of the Sun - that's a very intriguing song, it perfectly describes anxiety

c) Corporal Clegg and Remember Day are also very pleasant
d) Jugband blues is the last record with Syd Barrett singing, wonderful, simply wonderful

Thats it for now as far as 'findings' are concerned, I'll edit this post later on and include some other things too.

And about the ranking at the moment?

1. Meddle
2. Dark Side of the Moon
3. Atom Heart Mother
4. A Saucerful of Secrets
5. The Piper at the Gates of Dawn

1. Echoes
2. Summer '68
3. One of these days
4. Careful with that Axe, Eugune
5. Scarecrow

If there are any fans here willing to share their thoughts, go for it guys. And yes, I realise rankings are pointless, but so is the vast majority of our lifes. Don't take them too serious