fuck a women all night without having orgasms if you are in a normal* healthy state, that porno stuff is just stupid. Maybe I'm just stating the obvious, but there are kids here as well who lack any sort of experience and they believe in what they see on the TV.

Even more, the duration is in direct relation to your interest for the girl and on how you receive her sexuality. If she is like the Goddess Princess of All the Fuckin Girls that you have dreaming for for weeks or months without touching yourself, once she will enter the room naked you will finish the battle in severe admission in less than a minute, for the 1st time. You can ask her to go for handjob and blowjob for the 1st and 2nd round of hostilities, and then you can do your activity for some time, but unless you can't control your body and go for masturbation few times a day, if you are normal you can't resist more than a few minutes if you are really attracted to the girl.

I see there adult movies with guys having hard times to have an erection against gorgeous women. This is the very sentence of sexual incompetence, and they could mistakenly be taken as impotents of homosexuals, but they are just having a bit too much sex, and quite sure that's more than they can support in natural state, these guys should take a break. Talking the general definition of "less is more".

Even more, I know some hot women who would perceive men's inability to have an orgasm in less than 5 minutes as a sign that she is not to be liked or liked anymore. Asking their partners what's wrong when they do not have an orgasm after 3 minutes of having sex is not an uncommon thing out there. The hell I would not stand against Jessica Biel if she'd be in perfect fight condition more than a minute.

Happy whatever to you out there, all! :p

*edit: replaced clean with normal