Ok, so, since I started duel again, you can guess that I'm quite noob at it.
I have several questions.

I'm playing maps like bloodrun, furiousheights and aerowalk. Gonna start playing silence aswell, but a bit later.
What I would like to know is :

1)When you have total control @ bloodrun (RA + MH) what to do to catch your opponent off guard? Rush or more defensive play ? How to set up a trap properly ?

2)When out of control @ bloodrun, what to do ? Rail, rail, rail, or something else ?

3)How to position yourself @ furiousheights when you have total map control ?

4)@furiousheights, when out of control, do you have to try to steal one RA or one mega, orr is it better to try to stack up with only the YAs ? Is it necessary to rush the rail right after respawning ?