TDM is an enjoyable and highly competitive mod, no doubt. In the past, there were many players and teams. Sadly, there is little life in NA TDM at the moment.

I will be starting a weekly TDM hosting schedule that will feature a TDM server in either IL, IN, or VA (depending on regular median pings) on Mondays and Thursdays. Any skill level is welcomed, and it will be somewhat organized. That means team captains, picking teams, and voice communication. The following info will be simplified:

Who - Mellow (Add me if you want)
What - North American TDM Nights
When - 8pm to 10pm Central
Where - IL, IN, or VA
Why - To bring some TDM back into North America

-TDM Server info-

- 30 second weapon respawns
- 2 minute powerup respawns
- 125 starting health
- No spawn protection
- Gauntlet/Machinegun starting weapons
- Unrestricted Skill
- Time limit 20
- Mercy limit 50

*Maps allowed (depending on team size)*: Almost Lost, Bloodrun, Campgrounds, Deep Inside, Devilish, Dreadful Place, Grim Dungeons, Hidden Fortress, Intervention, Left Behind, Limbus, Purgatory, Terminatria, Terminus, The Edge.

Also, if you are a newer player looking to inject yourself into TDM, but are unsure of how to play or how to become better, I will gladly host sessions for you and/or clanmates to teach you basic strategies on various maps.

ALSO-also, I may host a second server with easier rules, such as Electrolyte's CTF server, but for TDM. Either starting with more weapons, or less time on weapon respawns, or starting with armor. We'll see how it works out.

Please feel free to add me if you have any questions, comments, or want to help out. Additionally, I will make a clan called "NATDM" which will be for admins and anyone else who wants to lend a hand in trying to revive the scene.

Thanks for your time.


P.S. New IRC channel just went up - #NATDM.QL on Quakenet

*Mumble Server Info* - port: 31282