After a year of deliberation and testing, I've decided to implant an optical sensor into my wingman (I have about five spare wingmen so am not afraid to experiment).

I found this guide:

(it's translated from the original swedish), and I have a couple friends who may be able to help out.

My main question right now is whether I should worry about using the newer vs. the older deathadder. Does the deathadder 3.5 have any prediction or negative accel issues that I should be concerned about? I hear that the original DA was truly flawless. Should I go out of my way to get my hands on it?

I've heard that the reason DA is good to use is because it has a separate circuitry board for the buttons, and this allows one to easily solder the deathadder main circuit board (minus the buttonboard) onto the wingman's button board. At least this is my understanding - it's discussed briefly here:

For what it's worth, yes I have tried other mice, including the logi G9x and the logi G600. Nothing comes close to the maneuverability I have with the wingman. Here is a video of how I hold and move my wingman:

Anyway, I would really appreciate any guidance here :)