Hello guys. So, I alreay said some things in comments but it will be easier to make everything centralized on a forum post.

Esportsfrance is at DH and we try to make interviews (most of quake players have already been interviewed on stream anyway but the more the better), photos and videos.

I try to make some footage too with my poor camera. Here are all the links you may need to see some Quake action :
Esportsfrance photos (general, few Quake photos but still some good quality pics).
www.twitter.com/infuscomus (special QuakeLive, here I post videos, photos that are not on Esportsfrance and all infos I can get)
ESReality Infuscomus / eSfr photos gallery.

Interviews :
I talked about quart finals in these interviews while the players qualified for round of 16. Sorry about that, I'm stupid sometimes.

pavel_ (I'm sry I was a bit lost, should I talk directly to pavel or fire_bot, etc. The interview was made just after the Cypher - pavel_ match so, basically he says almost what he said in the interview he gave on the twitch stream later on)

Matchs footages :
Groups A & B (pavel_, fire_bot, twister, DaHanG )
Groups C & D (jewRo STING mAdix calipt empish Sc00t rapha Hypnotic)
Groups E & F (dkt draven mccormic ani Weird Sl1p lukelawlz Spart1e )
rapha warming up
Groups F & H (cooke cixxar Pawelek85/matr0x gda mdf mousestar ins Cypher)

Round of 16 first part (Spart1e fire_bot DaHang sting gda Pawelek85/matr0x rapha Weird)
Round of 16 second part (Sc00t ins Cypher dkt pavel_ evil mAdix draven)
Round of 16 Cypher vs pavel_ : Furious Heights, Aerowalk, Toxicity + end of match pavel_'s POV

Quarter finals - Spart1e (POV) / rapha ztn
Quarter finals - Pawelek85 (POV) / DaHanG Lost World
Quarter finals - Cypher / evil (POV) ztn, Lost World (Cypher POV)
Quarter finals - Sc00t (main POV but filmed in 2nd) / dkt Bloodrun, Toxicity (dkt POV)

Semi finals - DaHanG / rapha (POV) Lost World, Furious Heights (DaHanG POV), Aerowalk (rapha POV)
Semi finals - Cypher (POV) / Sc00t toxicity, Aerowalk (Sc00t POV)

Bronze final - DaHanG (POV) / Sc00t Aerowalk, Toxicity (Sc00t POV mostly but switches to DaHanG towards the end)

Grand Final - rapha warming up, Cypher warming up

PS : don't mock my lame english :p
PPS : twitter isn't really suitable for many photos, I'll continue to upload them on the twitter but I'll probably make a gallery later on to gather them.