World Freeze Tag League

The World Freeze Tag League is gearing up for its first season of Freeze Tag. We have 4 clans already and growing on the North American side. We have a Euro Division and a North American Division both in Insta and in All Weapons. Each clan needs a minimum of 6 players one being a Pro member. Please go to to sign up and submit rosters. (currently Email reaper until website it completed.)

Our goal is to unite all the North American Freeze Tag leagues and all the European Freeze Tag leagues into one World League, Insta and All Weapons. Each league will have one representative. One from the NA side and one from the Euro side. We are planning to do an Insta League as well as an All Weapons league both consisting of a single ladder and tournaments for all participating clans both on the Euro and North American sides. We each will play ladders and qualifying tournaments to accumulate points based on the way we set it up. At the end of our season the North American side will play off against the Euro side for a World Cup of Freeze Tag - All Weapons and a World Cup Freeze Tag for - Insta.

Major Game Settings;
1. Team Damage enabled
2. No Round Countdown
3. No re-spawn for winning team on round end
4. Power-ups carry over between rounds
5. Power-up drop enabled
6. Spawn with 8/12 weapons
7. Auto-thaw set to 2 minutes
8. 2.5 Second Thaw time
9. Default QL weapons and physics
10. 5s environmental re-spawn delay
11. Through floor damage enabled

Live Long...Frag Fast....'n Thaw like a m0m0!!

Many interested parties have requested an idea of the players getting involved in the FT league so here is a preliminary roster of the NA league as it is shaping up and yes....KGB is playing.

aFT = All weapons FT
iFT = insta FT

1. iFT, aFT - [SoG] Sad Old Gits 1 - Diggler, Fuggler, MysteryX, Kloser, Soup_, Sia, Spiked1, Spanko, Shortson, Dedolor

2. iFT, aFT - [Sog] Sad Old Gits 2 - Canadian, Coolaidman, Rigg, Handler, Bl1nd, Reaper, ,Couchlock, drool, Cwestbury

3. aFT - DyS Dystrophy - Schizm, Everkill, Erebux, Erok, Swarm, Volchenkov, KGB, Axema

4. aFT - ctrl- Control - Infin1ty, bio, cKz, cfebns, kryptos, PHoNSC, isaBadMutha, xamot,Extremerz

5. iFT - Osx. Old School eXecution 1 - Cooter, arny, _md5, Vile_, Naked1, Infin1ty, Cooter, Red3gunner, R4V3N__, Miyazu

6. iFT - Osx. Old School eXecution 2 - Tension, Salzgiter, Shadowgnu, Tw15t3d, bush, seaweed,creeperWD

7. iFT - Osx. Old School eXecution 3 - d1zord3r, Oddbaal, nannookie, Painter, l13uan7, absurd, GodH3ad, qcadM

8. aFT - [B] The Breakfast Club - Potso, Dink, Fat3, Fkjustin, Potso, Numbers, Xtsy, Moose, Rebel, Warzone, Slimster

7. aFT - P4F Play 4 Fun - CoolMike, MajinCline, Singh, Chamber, Namco, Nerfquark, Katiana

8. iFT - P4F Play 4 Fun - Acid, MajinCline, Ubernoobi, Patten, Filetofish, Chamber, CoolMike, Elfspit

10. aFT - DEA Death Enforcement Agent 1 - L0RDKR3M,dis_, MiZVixY, penfield, puck_, aau, Adderall, Extremerz

11. aFT - DEA Death Enforcement Agent 2 - Hitscanruth, hung3r, InSaNiTy, Liqy, pyroMania, QooJay, rdbok, rudeaim,

12. aFT - DEA Death Enforcement Agent 3 - Thred, ___YEP___H, Because, SuperTrollFace, TRIPPE, DoGjA, Pumauma

13. iFT - oK Over Kill - B4silisk, RoyalPain, Boingo, TheHotterGuy, 1CheeTo1, PopcornChicken

14. iFT = <eA> Elite Assasins - eLementX, res1stance_, dun7ez, kryptos, stacko_, mtak, reginald, trust, rdbok, ckz

14 teams, 121 Players, 9 aFT Teams, 8 iFT Teams.

Those wishing to contribute their time to referee matches, please email as we will need a pool of refs on game nights to setup servers, cointoss....and record demos/screenshots.