Let's face it, there's a lack of new maps being made for dueling.

Or shall I say, there's a whole lot of maps being made for duel but all of them seem wank and are horribly unplayable (I'm looking at you, recent additions)

It just crossed my mind that the map pool hasn't changed in ages, even if it did, the core maps still stay and the new maps are, well... quickly forgotten. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not pulling an EmeraldTiger in here. I'm totally aware why no one wants to play, let's say sorrow or devilish. I'm fine with it. I'm just wondering, if there are some old maps that were largely played in q3/cpm days, that QL could benefit from.

Only one I can think of is cpm3a, which has only 2 YAs apparently and I'm not sure how well would it play on vq3 physics

So if there was a new duel map what would you want it to be?

Something from yellack, something from old q3/cpm archives, more swelt maps or something completely different?

also, here's a list of duel maps that are not and will never be played for obvious reasons:
concrete palace
focal point
gothic rage