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Rating: 6.6 (24 votes)
I just had to make another quake-movie, also because the scene didn't saw one in a long long time. (And the last one I made was 7 years ago.)

The moves and frags are perfectly synced with the music and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. It took me some months to create this movie. The movie is quitte fast paced and touches the actual ingame speed. But don't worry, the editing is smooth and not flipped at all. And in case you 're not sure what happened: go hit the replay button later! And yeah yeah, it's just Quake 1... and even despite my cinematic video-FX pimps it still can 't compare to newer games looks but heck.... the beauty is in the frags and in the syncs anyway! Now what are you waiting for, go give it a try!

(downloading .mp4 is highly recommended)