Ever since the proliferation of hackers since 2010, great has started a new group called Exposed.

We focus on exposing hackers and cheaters through text logs, screenshots, demos, and video evidence.

We release a Hacker Pact magazine every month or so, complete with the latest news, evidence, and interviews of the Quake Live cheating community.

You can check out our previous issues of Hacker Pact here:
Hacker Pact November 2011
Hacker Pact December 2011

If you know a possible cheater/hacker, you can report him by joining #exposed on QuakeNet IRC, or going to
and messaging the people there.

You can check out our website at:

Thank you, and we hope we will make Quake Live a safer and cleaner place!

Founder: great (dutra)
Editor-in-chief: great
Junior editors: Fudge, sotrix, schizm, superjake
Reporters: Fudge, sotrix, schizm, great, br1ck, superjake, syncore, and other various sources.