According to a new paper discussed at, cheating spreads by social interaction. Despite the seemingly obvious nature of the assertion, the details of the data and mechanics used to support the claim provide insight and help move beyond argument and mere assertions.
If you have friends who cheat, you are more likely to become a cheater, according to computer scientists who say this can be used to label you as a potential cheater.
Cheating also appears to be infectious. The likelihood of a fair player becoming labelled as a cheater in future is directly correlated with this person's number of friends who are cheaters. So if you know cheaters you are more likely to become one yourself. Cheating spreads like flu through this community.

If the dynamic of cheating mimics a disease that spreads at an exponential rate, it would underscore the importance of early response and strictness. It is also possible that 'Steam Community' is already per-labeling potential cheaters simply based on social data.