I've made a (second) video showcasing the new PQL physics in QuakeLive. I don't have great movement by any stretch of the imagination (*glances at hox's video*) , but I wanted to get it out for people to see what sort of things can be done. Hopefully some will find it interesting and perhaps some will learn something they've not seen or thought of before.

There's some useful tricks, some useless tricks, some CTF fastcaps, minimal editing (read: none), and the music isn't synced, but check it out anyway. Apologies for the music if you don't like it.

PQL Movement Exhibition

Uploading it to MegaUpload in case anyone wants it. Also, not sure how to format this post properly for download links, etc.


edit: Shite, I put this in the ESR subforum. It's 8am and I haven't been to sleep. Dipshit.