Shouldn't the person with the title Quake Live Community Manager actually be voted by the community itself?

Syncerror is a developer, correct me if I am mistaken. Yes, he posts updates on ESR and the like but... it's kind of like listening to a spokesman. He says what he is told to say.

The actual QL community needs to "elect" a representative, and ID Software must agree to consider him/her the Community Manager, someone who's purpose is to constantly and consistently gather the opinions and needs of the community, sort them by priority, and communicate them to the QL dev team and marketing team.

With someone community elected in this position, we can actually get real feedback and know for sure if our suggestions are being considered, implemented as we speak, or ignored.

It's time ID Software let this 12 year old (read: veteran-as-fuck) community take the rudder of this ship. They might not be willing to hand it over to a whole new crew, but at least let the passengers have someone they choose, on the bridge.

There appear to be no icebergs in site... but we are taking on water. I'll stop now before the ship analogies get out of hand.

Firstly, is this a good idea? Secondly... who is perfect for the task?