It is my great pleasure to announce a UT2004 LAN to be held in Dundee, Scotland. It will take place between the 12th and 14th of August at Caird Hall, the premiere venue in Dundee...

The tournament is sponsored by Intel, Bigfoot Networks and Artisan Gaming with more to be announced. The fantastic Jee Network are hosting the tournament, you can find the link below where you can sign up and read news updates.

There will be 20 high-spec machines, so there is no need to worry about lugging equipment to the venue. All you need to bring are your peripherals and config files. The tournament will take place alongside Dare ProtoPlay 2011 - a large games industry event where teams compete to design a game in just 6 weeks, with the winner being judged by the public and some industry VIPs for large prizes and potential jobs in the industry.

The focus of the 3 days will be on a 1on1 DM tournament but I am happy to organise some 2on2 and 4on4 if people are interested. Signups are now open to everyone via JeeSports (see below) but expect more information to be released shortly!

This is a great chance for the UT2004 community to meet up and put a face to those names you've played with for so long. It's also a chance for a fantastic competitive community to test their skills in a LAN arena once again.

Portugal hypno, Netherlands ScrMz, Norway rmzs, Netherlands Frantic, France winz, Hungary Varagh, France zelvZ, Netherlands NmS and many others have already expressed their interest in attending.

Links: Tournament Page, mIRC #DARE.UT