Although quake is not dead by a long shot we lost not one but two tournaments this year. To me this is a really sad thing as quake truly is the most enjoyable spectator e-sport and is sure as hell one of the hardest games out there only to be rivaled by Starcraft Brood War which you had to be a robot to dominate at.

Anyways now that I've gotten that out of the way I'd just like to state that this isn't a cry thread but rather doing what the other games are doing to get the attention that they do. So on to my point. Though quake is an awesome game it's really hard to get in to the community isn't the most welcoming in the world and a site like esreality is even hard to find even though it's the biggest quake community out there.

So the first point is, be welcoming though they are just plain noobs or even annoying they are still an addition to the growth and a potential source for new players to get in touch with this game as well. A positive attitude to everyone won't hurt the community at all. My second point is get the game out there show it to the world. By this I mean get on sites like Justin.Tv and start streaming. Streaming is pretty much what league of legends success stems from. It's all about bringing new blood in to the community and making them feel welcome.

Another thing is learning the game which is pretty damn hard to begin with especially on your own. Something that could make this easier on the new people this would draw in is to do something like the day9 daily which is a starcraft 2 daily show about learning the game pretty much. And I don't just mean this is how you rocketjump, this is how you strafe and such.

Explaining the vital parts of the config in a simple manner though video and analyzing pro-players games is something I think a lot of players would find interesting. Like the IEM classics with Cooller and rapha except someone else talking about the brilliant things that they do.

Now you may be wondering, oh but zimme what are you doing to help out? And the answer is nothing as my current computer/connection wouldn't allow me to do any of my proposals except being nice to people which I am already.

This is by no means an instant result thing, hell it might not even work out but I think this is a step in the right direction. So go out there guys and get those fans that we need hooked on this awesome game!

Also for the admins/mods of this site, if people actually would start showing interest in streaming or other things like that make it easily accessible like teamliquid for instance which have not only upcoming events like you do but also have an easily accessible stream list. And a separate stream subforum.

That's all I have to say hope someone picks up on this and does something great with it!