I know there's been many threads about this, but those have just been "my abyssus doesnt work on qck+ help plox". In this thread I thought we could make a list of mousepads that it does and does not work on. So people with abyssus and a bunch of mousepads, please help out!
I have want to have very high standards for this list. Dont post and say that a mousepad is OK if it only works in certain angles and/or you need to rotate it to make it work or some stuff like that. I only want mousepads that work flawlessly in this list.
Off course if you have a pad that DOES NOT work I'd appreciate if you'd post and confirm that it doesn't work with that particalur pad.

So far we got:

Works on:
Razer Goliathus SPEED: on mine it jitters on a few spots in VERY SPECIFIC ANGLES but 99% of the time it works perfectly
Razer destructor: works
Allsop Raindrop XL: Ive heard people say that it works on this, but could more people confirm?
Func F30R: works
fUnc sUrface Cloth Pad: works
Qpad Heaton XL: works
Qpad CT: works
SteelSeries I-2: skips instantly if addition feet is applied on top of standard ones. otherwise: perfect
Everglide Titan Monstermat Black: Minor jittering in certain angles but usually works just fine
Roccat Taito: works
Corepad Magna Blue: works

Does not work:
QCK+: cursor jitters like mad and drags to the left in most angles. only works in very specific angles.
Corepad C1: Jitters in certain angles
Func C-series: Jitters in certain angles
Puretrak Talent: Jitters in certain angles
Razer Goliathus CONTROL: Jitters in X-axis
Qpad UC: Does not work
Steelseries SP: Jitters alot

Thanks/props to all the people contributing!