A few months ago, I put together a $2,500 gaming rig. The specs are the following.

*Core i7 930
*MSI Big Bang Xpower X58 motherboard
*6GB DDR 1333MHz RAM
*X2 Radeon HD 5870's in CF
*2TB 7200RPM HDD
*ZALMAN CNPS9900 CPU cooler
*Corsair TX850 850W PSU
*Creative SB X-Fi sound card
*Coolermaster HAF 932 case

I wish I had waited a while and gotten two GTX 580's (the PALIT 3GB models) and a slightly larger power supply. But I exceeded my budget with this build.

I can max out pretty much any game out there without any noticeable lag, with the exception of Crysis and Metro 2033.

What do you think of my build?