Hi, some of you may know me, many of you may not.
But i just wanted to bring awareness of this cheater that has been around for some time.. first off months ago, iNstiN, and his 2 brothers desolate and obscure were banned months ago before QuakeLive went premium/pro, and people had to subscribe.

Well, anyways hes been back for quite some time now, since clan =TOP= has recruited him, #clan_top on Gamesurge, is where they all idle. Now onto the interesting stuff... iNstiN has the most ridiculous aim i have ever seen, and i compare it to that of NCQL Smoothaim bot. if u watch these videos closely. you will see how his LG snaps and locks like no other, i never seen anyone with aim like this, and he uses it with rail to. i have for a long time suspected him to be a cheater to begin with. but since hes been banned already and reappeared. I just wanted to bring this attention to the community.

There is this Clan Arena tournament going on, National Gaming League http://www.thengl.org , but anyways i have some footage of the matches that hes played, against BANG, and smf(the clan im in)
in the championships for thermaltake cases as the prize, i just wanted you guys to see this for yourselves, i have more videos coming soon too, that im in the process of editing still.

take a look at this video, which im gonna redo in slow-mo to really show the reaction time, but give me time. i just want you guys to look, and be the judge, i will slow these videos down, and show u the wallhack evidence i have in my other videos.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yo4DCYVT-Vk <-- INSTIN SMOOTHAIM BOT LG LOCKS ONTO gLocK (me) in NGL CLAN ARENA CHAMPIONSHIPS
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzP3zdR8oXE <-- INSTIN RAPES BANG WITH SMOOTHAIM LG LOCK

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FssZhNvifEQ <-- clearly using a wallhack to his advantage. he stopped using smoothaim so it's harder to detect, after ultra called him a cheater.

UPDATE #3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeavwHW4AFk <-- this is the same video from the first update. but this is timescaled down, and shownormals is on. It shows him locking on 2 people thru the wall, after killing gwc with lg. coincidence? i don't think so

And also, if u read http://www.thengl.org you can see they updated it. =TOP= has been removed from the tournament. and it will be rerun over again, with the teams that were screwed over by iNstiN's hack.

Now after seeing those, compare his aim to this, and see the similarities, are uncanny. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3mDn0-qfuw <-- Quake Live hacking with smooth aim - nCQL

more videos coming soon, in process of editing, lets rid this community of this cheater, who finds it okay to compete in online tournies.

And here are the demos from iNstiN's POV lastnight in the NGL CA SEASON 2 CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH ---> http://suavegaming.com/demex/instin.7z (may need 7zip to unpack)

Still trying to get through to SyncError he just is so busy and never gets a chance to check msg's and may see me as spam. But i am working diligently to touch bases with him. I'd like to thank the community for their support. And i won't rest until hes banned from quakelive for good. just cause he paid for a quakelive account, doesn't mean he should abuse it with bots.smoothaim humanized bots, and wallhacks.

Now onto some logs.

+[TOP]END> rofl let it go glock u lost deal with it
<+EG|id_`class> ...have you seen those videos?
<+EG|id_`class> llol
<+EG|id_`class> kids a joke
<+PG|gLocK`smf> hes gfonna be banned by the evening
<+PG|gLocK`smf> im working some stuff out
<+PG|gLocK`smf> just watch, he will not get away with this
<+PG|gLocK`smf> i don't care what you say
<+EG|id_`class> his entire household are cheaters
<+PG|gLocK`smf> u just care about winning
<+PG|gLocK`smf> harboring cheaters
<+PG|gLocK`smf> and totally cool with it
<+PG|gLocK`smf> i will show you, that I am not cool with it
<+EG|id_`class> I agree with you...
<+[TOP]END> harboring cheaters?
<+[TOP]END> rofl
<+[TOP]END> thats a good one
<+[TOP]END> considering u guys harbor demex who got busted in q3
<+EG|id_`class> END, you think instin is completely legit?
<+PG|gLocK`smf> do you really?
<+[TOP]END> also u didnt show he had a 23 ping in that server
<+PG|gLocK`smf> doesn't matter, ping means shit
<+[TOP]END> which is just lg rape
<+EG|id_`class> ...
<+EG|id_`class> LOL
<+[TOP]END> fuk that
<+PG|gLocK`smf> ur an idiot...
<+PG|gLocK`smf> sorry
<+[TOP]END> 20 ping plz id rape ur face off with that
<+PG|gLocK`smf> but i have to ignore u now
<+PG|gLocK`smf> ur to much of an idiot
<+PG|gLocK`smf> pz
<+PG|gLocK`smf> im back to work
<+[TOP]END> u do that im glad to see no comments on demex

even the leader END believes hes legit, but all hes worried about is winning, and he needed iNstiN to do so. he has been losing so badly for so long, he is finally feeling good about winning. With a known cheater. that has been banned already. we mop the floor with TOP and now they are amazing beating every clan. and he talks about demex, an up and coming dueler, who is becoming amazing, you will see us at Quakecon, since we are all playing duel to compete at Quakecon. be back later with more updates.