Update: Cup rescheduled to Monday, August 9th due to new update coming some time today and ending some time tomorrow. That also means you can still sign up your team by Monday, 20h CEST if you haven't done so yet.

Update #2: Cup is canceled due to the new update by id Software, because of technical issues and we can't guarantee that everyone who signs up for the cup will be able to play / join servers.

New week, same cup, this time it's some more of 4v4 CTF action with a new ESL Quakelive cup. Map pool stays the same, qzctf2, qzctf3, qzctf 7, qzctf8 and qzctf10. The cup is scheduled to start on Monday, August 9th at 13:00 CDT and there are some changes in the way matches will be played.

Cup format will be double elimination with best of 3 in winner bracket and best of 1 in loser bracket. The Grand Final will be played as bo5 with a one-map advantage for the team coming from the WB. The sign-ups are open and you can start registering your teams now.

Stream: holysh1t, gg.ru
Links: Announcement, Sign up, Brackets, Rules, mIRC #esl.quakelive