Scheduled: 13:00 CDT, 27 July 2010 to 17:20 CDT, 27 July 2010
Schedule: Passed

After TDM 2v2 and Vertical Vengeance summer cups, now it is time for the 3rd cup in the ESL Europe Quakelive Summercup series. This time the cup is all about 4v4 CTF action on the following maps: qzctf2, qzctf3, qzctf7, qzctf8 and qzctf10. Match format will be best of 3 with single elimination brackets.

The CTF 4v4 Summer Cup #3 will start on Tuesday 27th, 20:00 CEST and the sign-ups are already open.

Final standings
1st place: ensamma onanister (eo)
2nd place: mighty Cooling monkehs (mCm)
3rd/4th place: whoreunit (whore) / Hallwhackers (hW)
Stream: Holysh1t
Links: Brackets, #esl.quakelive