Multigaming-clan fnatic announced that in cooperation with MSI and fnatic PLAY they will be hosting a series of tournaments for qlcz Quake Live Duel, cs Counter-Strike 1.6, Call of Duty 4, Heroes of Newerth for prizes worth 65,000$. QL and CS players will have the chance to qualify for the LAN finals in China Beijing at the 4th of September, with a $45,000 prize purse.

Amateur teams and players will have their chance to qualify for the finals and battle invited duellers in the QuakeLive tournament and top European teams in CS 1.6. The Qualifiers will be streamed by Level UP TV.

Qualifying for the LAN event in Beijing means that team's travel costs (flights) will be paid. Besides qualifying for the LAN event in Asia, winners of the Quake Live and CS 1.6 tournament will have their chance to win many other prizes. Further details will be announced shortly.

Make sure to read the interview with FnaticMSI PLAY head admin Serbia Danijel "StreeT" Remus

Links: Announcement, Twitter FnaticMSIPLAY, mIRC