Quake Live Demo Tools is a small set of tools for management/editing/viewing of Quake Live and Quake 3 Arena demos.

It is beta version, so prepare to bugs. Later I'll make normal help, where all features will be described. And I must to say about several non-obvious things.

Weird looking widget in the edit demo tab is a "parts selector", it used for selecting needed demo parts, also it highlights warmup and pauses.

When you delete directory, program will recursively delete all its contents after confirmation. So think twice before you delete something.

Items in the tables activated by double click. So use double click for selecting directories and playing demos.

Demos can be dragged: inside the table to set playing order, from table to directory tree or to any window on your desktop, and back from any window to program. Supported formats: dm_68, dm_73, zip, rar, cfg, ui, h.

Open url function can download any supported format, and extract it, if it is archive.

Main demo table has a context menu.

By default new demos placed to the temporary directory, so if you leave them there and quit, they will be deleted.

More info can be found in README.TXT

http://qldt.sf.net - Windows XP/Vista setup, Debian Linux packages, tarballs and sources.