We would like to announce the newest addition to Quake Live gaming leagues, Silent Gamers. Silent Gamers is a tournament that not only satisfies the gaming needs of the Quake Live deaf and hard of hearing community, but also Quake Live in general. Currently, we are hosting a 32 man QL dueling tournament where 16 of the competitors will be invited and the other 16 competitors will be randomly chosen. In addition, we are offering a cash prize of $200 to the first place winner of our competition. The tournament will be organized in the following manner:

*It will be double elimination
*All duels leading up to the final will be a series of three games, best two out of three
*The way to choose maps is TBA
*The final will be a series of five games, best three out of five
*The competition will be played over the time frame of two days.

For those that have not heard of us and want to support us,
we can be found on mIRC #SilentGamers @ gamesurge.net. We appreciate all your support!